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Topic:   Warlords III Central to be shut down.


posted 01-10-2000 01:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Heatmiser   Click Here to Email Heatmiser     Edit/Delete Message

Katana Man(James)-

While I am sad to see the W3 site go and have spent many lunch hours and after hours here, I thank you for your example. You have humbled me as a Brother in Christ.
I have nothing but respect for your decision, which I believe is a Godly one.
While I may not agree with you 100% (some games, such as Warlords, I believe can be played simply for entertainment and have no real spiritual effect), I have to commend you for your convictions.
It is rare these days, to see Christians who take the time and energy to find out what their convictions are, much less to live them out in daily life.
You have given me something to think about in my own life.
I trust that our Heavenly Father will bless you and your wife for your obedience to what he has called you to do.

Continue to stand firm in Him,
Heatmiser (Troy)

Senior Member

posted 01-10-2000 02:12 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Uller   Click Here to Email Uller     Edit/Delete Message

Thanks KMan. I wish I had found this sight sooner. Those of you who are complaining about his decision are ingrates and you oughta be ashamed of yourselves. You obviously don't know what it is to believe strongly in something that is against the flow of conventional thought. Take something you hold dear to you, then imagine yourself living in a society in which EVERYWHERE your turn there is propaganda against it. It would be difficult to stick to your beliefs.

P.S. I disagree with KMan's desision, but I respect it. And as for his decision to destroy the files being "evil"...that is absurd. They are his to destroy. Backup what you want to keep and go find another site!

Senior Member

posted 01-10-2000 02:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Reknoy   Click Here to Email Reknoy     Edit/Delete Message

But donít you see? Itís like Darwin said, this decision affects a lot of real people. Granted (and I will be one of the first to say this) Kman deserves our warmest thanks for all that he has done. Further, I have said and continue to believe that Kmanís rules are/were his rules. Itís his site - his right.

You might therefore say that he has the right to trash it. Quite so.

However, why not seek a new home/caretaker for it? The music CD trashing example is completely lame. This is where the human element comes in. Many good, honest people are responsible for the content of this site - should all of their work be subject to elimination simply based on one manís beliefs? Further, many good, honest people use this site and will be deprived by its absence.

Again - it is his right. That, however, does not make it right/correct. I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am in the decision to trash the site without giving someone else a chance to pick it up. Maybe nobody will - but it would have been quite a grand gesture to offer to turn over the keys. While his beliefs may not allow for him to continue to maintain the site, there are undoubtedly many (even many "Christians") who feel otherwise.

Knowing as many "Christians" as I do (including a relative who is a minister), I cannot say that this act is laudable in the name of Christianity. I think itís a giant step backwards.

This does not, however, alter my opinion of the great work that this site has represented. It is simply an extremely unfortunate way to end it.

Senior Member

posted 01-10-2000 02:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Reknoy   Click Here to Email Reknoy     Edit/Delete Message

One more thing on the increasingly evil spin that games are taking:

I think thatís a load of you know what.

If I had the time I would sit down and chronicle all of the games I have played over the years and the contents of those gamesÖfrom Ultima I right through Age of Wonders.

Graphics may have evolved to depict such acts more "realistically", but the content is not spiraling downwards, signaling some apocalypse of some sort.

How many key dates/points in time will have to pass before the doomsayers wake up and realize that the world will keep moving onward - with good and bad elements in it. Some years find things worseÖsome better. Humanity will not evolve into a higher group of beings, like it or not (in fact, Iíve heard stories of some pretty degenerate "Christians" who would not qualify as the former). Likewise we arenít degenerating into an evil race either.

The music we listen to, the games we play, the movies we view Ė these things do not drive us all to acts of violence and evil. We do just fine on our own.

I play the foregoing, listen to some of the foregoing and have watched a fair share of scary movies --- some with acts of evil/violence/what have you. But I think of myself as a generally good person. I see someone down and out Ė I reach out to help them. I take care of my family and treat those around me as I expect to be treated.

Anyway, free will allows us to do as we wish Ė be it trashing this site or whatever. But Iíve taken a long look at the "big picture" and I donít see whatever "sky is falling" sign of doom that others see.

Take care in all that you do. It sounds like your heart is in the right place at least.

Senior Member

posted 01-10-2000 02:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Kanter   Click Here to Email Kanter     Edit/Delete Message

Katana Man,

Thanks for all you've done to support a Warlords community. I remember the original ICQ list, the first tournaments and forums, and you've made a huge investment and we've all benefited from it.

Good luck in your future goals,


posted 01-10-2000 09:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Link   Click Here to Email Link     Edit/Delete Message

Katana Man,i think that you should keep the forum,and just backup the rest,so that peaple who havent been here in a while can still be here,and its sad to see this site go,but you are the Owner of the Site,so it is your choice though,but please leave the forum though

Bye,and i hope you choose my idea ,cuz it would be sad if i'd come to this site one day and it would say site isnt found.

(or ?)

Link ROH Player

Forum Moderator

posted 01-10-2000 11:43 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

Another reason why I don't particularily want to see the Site go. When this Site leaves, they'll be One less Clean and Wholesome Independant site for people to visit. Many of your typical Company-Owned Forums are run with much the same rules as this place, but many Independently run places aren't.

I admit that if this is My Site I would probably run it more Liberally, but I like how Clean this place has been. How often has this place ran into trouble? How often were there massive Flame Wars? How often have Idiots Spammed the place? In all questions, not that often especially when you compare it to many other Sites.

Forum Moderator

posted 01-11-2000 04:07 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Wolfmoon   Click Here to Email Wolfmoon     Edit/Delete Message

Making this comment short: I agree with Uller

Senior Member

posted 01-11-2000 05:20 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Darwin   Click Here to Email Darwin     Edit/Delete Message


I don't object to Kman destroying the files, I don't care about the bits & bytes. 'Evil' may have been a very silly word to use in this context & I've replaced it. But that somebody should put a lot of effort into something that people enjoy & the next day he goes & breaks it rather then leave it there for people to do with it what they like just doesn't seem very constructive behaviour to me.
If I was to try to give an analogy, it would be something like this:
A man builds a playground in his backyard for his children to play in. Many other children from the neighbourhood come to play there, too & and at first, he's very happy that his children have friends to play with. A long time after that, the man and his family fall out with some of the locals and decide that they need to move away, but before they leave, he goes and pulls down the playground so none of the other children can play there once they're gone...

Well, I hope this makes my point clearer. It's not like I'm angry or anything & I'm still VERY grateful to James for his labours here. Like many have said, it's just a sad way to end the tale.

[This message has been edited by Darwin (edited 01-11-2000).]

Judge Dredd
Senior Member

posted 01-11-2000 06:12 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Judge Dredd   Click Here to Email Judge Dredd     Edit/Delete Message

Hi Kman,

Thanks a milion times for your work and all efforts put in it. Your site has allways been a peacefull and enjoying community, it was pretty cool to be in there. But please, could you give the keys to another good man who will keep your work going?
I'm not sure somebody will take the opportunity, but please, don't close the door.

Something I'm sure about is that you came here with a kind of peacefull spirit and it will still be there. Just chose your replacer among the ones who could continue your work...

Whatever will be your final decision, I wish you a good luck...

Judge Dredd

[This message has been edited by Judge Dredd (edited 01-11-2000).]

Mystic Charm
Senior Member

posted 01-11-2000 10:35 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Mystic Charm   Click Here to Email Mystic Charm     Edit/Delete Message


To use your analogy, I gather that its not just the people Kman has the problem with, but the playground itself.

Kman has stated his religious views and that the upkeep of this site conflicts with those views. At least thats my take on it.


Senior Member

posted 01-11-2000 05:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Uller   Click Here to Email Uller     Edit/Delete Message

To expand upon the playground idea: imagine the man who built the playground discovered that all the peices of equipment on it were dangerous and capable of killing or maiming the children who played there. He would see it as his duty to tear it down.

KMan sees this site as supporting an industry that is killing the souls of our young. If he really believes that, then he MUST tear it down.

Don't get me wrong, I don't see it that way at all. I think FANTASY is just that and in and of itself it does nothing to promote evil. In FANTASY(games, movies, books, RPGs, etc.) the story is set against the backdrop of the eternal struggle of Good vs. Evil in a universe where the God of the Bible either does not exist or has not revealed himself(remember, this is an imaginary place, not the real universe). Fantasy games, etc. must use commonly accepted symbols of evil in order to convey just how sinister the bad guys are. The Pentagram is one such symbol. The Cross and the Anhk(sp?) are commonly accepted symbols of good. That is how I see it. I may be wrong...

Senior Member

posted 01-12-2000 04:16 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Darwin   Click Here to Email Darwin     Edit/Delete Message

Good point about the good-evil-thing. It seems that in olden days (and most fantasy games, rpgs and others), the human player was always to take up the 'good' side and fight against 'evil' (oh no, here's that word again!). Sadly (?), nowadays the trend is towards the opposite, at least in most games there is the option of human players taking over the baddies (Dungeon Keeper is probably one of the trend-setters there).
So, being/playing evil has become pretty cool for some - at least we have reached a point where the black and white thinking of former times has become quite outdated and games, but even more so books, films etc., where the good-evil-distinctions are very obvious and central to the story, are considered simple-minded, childish and generally do not get good reviews. Most people out there would probably find this stuff boring and uninspiring.

Actually, I think that Warlords used to very much stand out against this trend: In Warlords 1, Lord Bane always used to be the only obviously evil side to play, and only the worst of the daring heathen Warlords would ever venture into the depths of setting side 8 to human...
Eventually, Lord Bane became the nasty teaser-skeleton and 'Warlords anchorman' meant to provoke the 'good' player to struggle against the evil forces (at least that's how most campaigns/scenarios were intended).
Well, with the advent of competitive custom sets since ROH, this moral element has gone more or less down the drain except maybe for some people who are into playing themed sets. In DLR, for example, as you all know, you need to include heroes like the Summoner in your set in order to be a successful player, and you'll need to summon those demons by the ton.

What am I getting at? Do I even still remember? OK, I'll put it this way: James may well have a point in that the more modern computer games increasingly urge the player to consider taking over outwardly 'evil' characters or races and to abandon moral standards that may prevent him/her from doing so. 'After all, it's only a GAME', argue the designers.
Now, I don't know if this is what James is opposed to (since he says, he's still playing some sorts of simulators, apparently it's not that he now sees gaming as a waste of time that keeps him from doing more important things). If in a game the depiction of bad things was very graphic (devils, succubi & all), but the only option to the player was to struggle against evil, would that then be a problem? Or would that then even make it a worthwhile & recommendable game? After all, that's like adapting the old heroic stories that children used to read in books in former times to the currently more appealing and more visual format of the computer game.

I certainly wonder what people think about this. My take is that the popularization of the outwardly 'evil' is, like I said, a general trend (not specific of computer games or anything) that may reflect that our concept of evil has changed (or it may simply mean that we're spiritually decaying, but I don't really think so). No longer do we think or feel that evil is solely found in those who are outwardly marked as what was classically associated with bad (e.g. madness, strong women, people of different races & cultures). We have come to learn that evil hides in all kinds of humble and common guises, that it lies within, that often people in power who appear to be shining examples of good are corrupted within. That especially among those who always profess living the good, true life there are many who do so only to hide their dark side from others or even themselves. And I think that this is a very good thing to have learned and that to some extent the reflection of this knowledge in our modern stories and myths (novels, films, games) is a good thing indeed.
Yet, where this will lead us and what will come of (musicians, game designers and others making money by exploiting what is 'en vogue' regardless of its social value) taking this too far remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, there have to be limits!

Yet, I don't think there's any way the majority of us can nor will simply turn back the clock and go back to how it used to be...

AKA Darwin the Verbose (Hi Gandy! )

[This message has been edited by Darwin (edited 01-12-2000).]

Senior Member

posted 01-12-2000 10:16 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

hehe..and hello Darwin..hehe

interesting stuff, Dar...hmm

I have some personal views on computer games in general.

This Christmas we updated to 'PlayStation'...for 'affordable' reasons..games are almost half that of Nintendo{grew weary of the expense}. We will keep Nintendo and we may even buy a game or two in the future, but, PlayStation has allowed us more variety in the gaming{kid} world.

My concerns regarding 'kid gaming'..and to the games on the market:

#1) The games are far too violent..regardless of graphics. The concept seems to be almost always to "kill" someone or something. This thought alone "to kill" constantly being reinforced troubles me. What race of humans are being forged for the future?

#2) Some of the graphics are too mature for our youth...too bloody...too 'booby'. I see sex in a small sense being interweaved...small now.?.?..How far will it be taken...at such a slow rate, that it may not be too noticable...so, as no one will say anything? I believe, kids and sex should be kept separate...to not spoil the innocence of the child. Sex should be something more of an 'awakening'..a self~discovery...sex shouldn't be lied on a platter and placed before our children with silverware for eating, and napkins for wiping.

Not long ago, my 5 year old drew a picture of a bomb as a Christmas Tree Topper in class. The teacher was concerned as I. After that we monitor more closely what games Bradley plays, and those he watches being played as well as talked to him in depth about what he had done.

Now, I could become rigid, and take all my kids video games...burn them...as well as burn Warlords, too{to be fair}..then, I could tell them to stay away from video games..etc. But, this would be a hardship for my kids, they have enough trouble fitting in as it is. Fitting in..doesn't mean...'being of'..as in the world...but, one must 'be in' this world..so, Drac and I have decided to place a bit more control over how much exposure my kids will have with video games...as well as following the 'age recommendations' of games..though, as I said...things continue to get 'worse' ...what once wasn't acceptable yesterday..is now acceptable today..and as time continues on, I think this too will continue.

We can not deny...we live in the 'computer age' now. And in this age lies the 'video age'. To deprive my kids of this experience would be sheltering them too much, and I have already done that to the extreme in other areas of their living.

So, the struggle will be...

to keep my kids from becoming carbon copies of the games they play...and what is worse..IS...everyone else in this world must do the same...but! Are they?? On a whole, the question still lingers in my mind..."are we forming through mental control{to a degree}..a race of killers?"...are we raising an 'uncaring cold' breed of people to be? Selfish to what they wish to do, or simply want...regardless to who may get hurt along the way...{maybe we have already been doing this all along...maybe that is the virus which infects us as humans}

A dangerous web we seem to weave...hmmm...this 'computer'...created for good purposes.?.?...may be the very downfall of us as humans as we have known...it would be called 'mind control', my friends. Which brings me back to the movie 'Matrix'...and what a movie that was! Remove all the impossibilites..all the crazy impossible graphics of that movie...and simplify it...in terms of 'mind control'...then place in..'who would wish to control the people'...I think you see where I am headed...and yes! I am nuts..hehe. A lasting question..hehe

"who is in truly in control?" "us or our computers?" add a touch of futuristic thought...

"who will be in control in the future?" "us or our computers?"


[This message has been edited by GandalfTheWhite (edited 01-12-2000).]

Will Michael
Senior Member

posted 01-12-2000 10:39 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Will Michael   Click Here to Email Will Michael     Edit/Delete Message

I will miss this site. For a long time now my morning ritual is to make a pot of tea, read my email and then see what's happening here. I would like to express my appreciation to all of the people who have contributed to making this site so interesting, and to Kanata Man whose only remuneration was fame and glory .

I disagree with the opinion that the Warlords series promotes evil. Although it is fantasy based, it is foremost a multi-player strategy game. Warlords II had many historical scenarios lacking demons, imps, etc. I play black mana, themed races often, and remain unchanged in my morality. This is an abstract game where moving a regiment of skeletons is like moving a pawn in chess. Others can read more into it if they like, but that leads one down the slippery slope to book burning. I acknowledge the need for moral guidance and censorship for depravity but Warlords does not even come close. Come on...

Forum Moderator

posted 01-12-2000 04:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

Gandy, it goes beyond just games. It's things in general. The Internet opens up the World to everything including twisted nutcases. Action Movies have been getting progressively worse and gory. Television pelts us with increasingly sexist and violent depictions in Wrestling and gritty 'Real-Life' dramas and trashy talk shows etc. Even the Newspapers are using World violence to increase there sales. The state of gaming is following suit with everything else.

Katana Man

posted 01-15-2000 04:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Katana Man   Click Here to Email Katana Man     Edit/Delete Message

Latest shutdown status:
I signed up for the new webhosting company. It won't be long now, probably 1 or 2 weeks if all goes well.

How are the other Warlords websites coming along? Are they going to be able to fill this place's shoes? It should'nt be that tough, seems to be less than 50 active players lately.

Forum Moderator

posted 01-15-2000 04:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Wolfmoon   Click Here to Email Wolfmoon     Edit/Delete Message

Katana>>Could you send a group email to all memebers some days in advance (telling at which date you will do it), before you shut it down?

Judge Dredd
Senior Member

posted 01-15-2000 05:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Judge Dredd   Click Here to Email Judge Dredd     Edit/Delete Message

Well, games activity is a little under previous months, but we have still a strong community (I mean, not about the number of players).
It seem we are all moving to Maya's and I'm trying to manage a good sweet home inthere for Pbemers...

Sincerely Kman, we'll miss you...

Even if you drop your site, please, come someday to chat a little with us on Maya's...

See you


Katana Man

posted 01-15-2000 06:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Katana Man   Click Here to Email Katana Man     Edit/Delete Message

Woolfmoon, I'll try to give as much notice as possible.

Judge Dredd, thanks for the offer, but most people and posts over at Maya's forum ...well..how shall I say this... oppose my views.

Senior Member

posted 01-15-2000 06:30 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for MenaX   Click Here to Email MenaX     Edit/Delete Message

You should just do what I do, and be insidious. Slowly manipulate them until they aither leave or are forced to leave.

You dont think that you decided to close this place of your own free will do you? Ive been manipulating to this for the last 6 months. And its Mayas turn next.

All hail the Great Lord Bod

Katana Man

posted 01-15-2000 11:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Katana Man   Click Here to Email Katana Man     Edit/Delete Message


Senior Member

posted 01-16-2000 08:00 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Curo   Click Here to Email Curo     Edit/Delete Message

All I can say is that I'm sorry to see this flame will burn no more

Good work Kman!!!


Forum Moderator

posted 01-16-2000 11:53 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

Here's one Easy way around it. Alter-Ego. Post under another name not already known by the Warlorders. Keep away from the topics that tip others off to you. Then after you gain thier 'trust', tell all who you are.

Phoenix Lord
Senior Member

posted 01-17-2000 12:58 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Phoenix Lord   Click Here to Email Phoenix Lord     Edit/Delete Message

How many here remember Brett's forum? I posted as an alter ego on that for a while, started a fight (with myself!) and left. It was fun while it lasted, as was this site.


Joel D.

Senior Member

posted 01-17-2000 08:15 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Darwin   Click Here to Email Darwin     Edit/Delete Message

That it should come to this...

Farewell all who aren't going to make it over to Maya's & thanks for sharing in the fun.

May your crusade make you happy, Kman.
Thanks for the hard work here.


Forum Moderator

posted 01-17-2000 11:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

Yep! I remember Brett's.

Senior Member

posted 01-18-2000 11:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

Pheonix??? Who was your alter ego on Brett's?? Were you always 'Phenoix'? Or..hmmm...maybe you were someone else entirely...SO! hmm...would you tell us your two handles {alter ego included}...hehe.


Forum Moderator

posted 01-19-2000 01:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for whereagles   Click Here to Email whereagles     Edit/Delete Message

So when is "the end" scheduled to be?


posted 01-21-2000 04:23 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for WilyPueo   Click Here to Email WilyPueo     Edit/Delete Message

Aloha Warlords!

Once again I find myself having the strangest of luck. I just found this wonderful site a few hours ago after loading Warlords III onto my brand spanking new system. I jumped up and down for a while in delight after seeing all the cool scenarios and campaigns to download, as well as these message boards, etc. And, then, finally I notice the "This site is shutting down" notice. Ah, well, glad I got here before the doors shut anyhow. I can testify to buying the original Warlords the year it came out and getting a half dozen of my buddies hooked on it, who are still playing W3.

I hope there is some stroke of fortune which will keep this site alive. Otherwise, well met friends and glad to have found my way here if just to take a quick stroll.

Hang Loose,

Forum Moderator

posted 01-21-2000 03:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Gryffone   Click Here to Email Gryffone     Edit/Delete Message

Some interesting points posted on this thread. I can see diferent views and aspects based on the decision made by K-Man in why he wants to shut the site down. I do understand his reasoning and it is consistent with his belief system. He has also allowed us the chance to still extract information before the site is closed down which I don't think anyone can ask for more since he could close the site down for a number of reasons and not have to give us that chance.

There are some interesting analogies on influence and behaviors that have been hinged on in the posting here. In doing my own searching and reflecting on my own life I have also been hit hard in the face about just how influenced we are as a society and how our thoughts and attitudes are being affected. I don't think the point to be made is that Warlords is in any way the culprit or the scapegoat. There is good also in this where people as ourselves can come together and share many ideas and different personalities can meet. I know I have enjoyed many of the friendships and discussions of even those I may even oppose on views and discussions. If anything I think we all have learned from our experiences here.

What I think some of us have seen happen, and it is hard to recognize since it has happened gradually throughout our life, is that there is an obvious attempt at changing the mind set within the country and world. The motive or the basis of this mind set can be viewed from many diferent ways and those of us who have a spiritual view of it can only see the confirmation that we have been directly instructed would happen. Whether this in itself is real or not can be up for debate amongst individuals but I do think whenever discussion is done about societal or the status of America the factoring of God really does have to be understood for it was under this prima basis that the conecptional belief of self government and accountability that foundated our Country were imposed. We have hit a time where we have a new form of technology, education and idealism and we do see the analogy of a God based society put more and more by the way side. I am not stating that one religion or another is the truth about God for I don't belong to a religion myself but what I am seeing as clear as day is the ideology of a society who has respect, faith and fear in a God ideology is disappearing and with that disapearance we see more tendencies of people not being able to diferentiate from Good or Evil. I'm not prescribing which beliefs of good or evil but an overall concensus of what most sincere people would consider good and evil. I think Darwin makes soom good points about we are also being able to question more those who may wear the masques who disguise themselves as good yet are hiding their evil. This I also can see and with opening up the veil so to say we may be able to recognize what is being instrumented and how it is being done. My point with that is that we can see through media, games, music, etc.. certain influences and we can assume that these are all freedoms of expression which I support but maybe it is my skeptical mind that also suggests that we are aware of persuasions and tactics that can be used as well to try and manipulate, influence, control or confuse the human mind and the populace. One can find psychological tactics and warfare throughout history and can even be found in the manual of the "Ancient art of War" over 2000 years ago. I am not saying that this is all one big conspiracy (or maybe I am and we even conspire against ourselves if you apply biblical prophesy) but more so that how does one know if they are or aren't in fact being influenced if they were not aware that a magician himself was influencing them?

Trying to gather all the data and applying it into the formulas it is nearly impossible for me to not recognize that we are in fact being played by the grandest of deceivers of all. I am sure to some I sound lunatic and others may understand my point but I cannot dismiss or deny the power of an advessary and how crafty and clever he actually is in how he disguises all of his deceptions and manipulations within the very minds and words of men. One could say it is my own perception that is creating an illusion of reality yet everywhere I look I can see the proof of what I am saying. Each debate and topic is another piece of the puzzle and one who disagrees as well as one who agrees still fits into the temptations we are all being given free agency upon.

So does that leave me at deserting the world and hiding like a hermit? I don't think that is the answer at all either but I do think we can perceive, recognize, note and factor the information we have and try to enlighten others to dispell the enchantments. By people confirming to others that there is nothing going on or it is all an illusion only in fact moves us further from discovering the very fact that we deceive only ourselves from the truth. For the fact is we do live in the world of men and from a spiritual or biblical view we have been warned how the ways of men can lead us.

Senior Member

posted 01-21-2000 06:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Wooger   Click Here to Email Wooger     Edit/Delete Message


Gandy posts a 1 line post.

Gryffone posts a novel.


...The Apocalypse is here folks. I believe this was the 7th sign!

Those of you with the ability to do so should bend in half and kiss your buttocks goodbye. The nuclear vollies should commence momentarily! (Actually, if you are flexible enough to do that, I suppose your have more INTERESTING things you could be doing than reading this!... Carry on!)


Senior Member

posted 01-21-2000 08:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

very nicely said Gryffone!~

~~Man I had a lot of nutty stuff said there, now deleted...hehe...Maya, you really need to find a way to allow people to 'edit' their posts...{I know some do have this ability, at Mayas, but, not I}

Gryffone hit the nail on the head!! Tho we all like to laugh at the concept...'good vs evil'....this spiritual struggle is upon us all. The world and all it contains is under a spiritual struggle and has been since the beginning...'good vs evil'...thus lays creedance to the Bible...and all it had fortold, and all the Bible will fortell in the future. It has all been written in black and white, scribbled by fingers of the dead...layed to rest on those ancient pages bound by 'ever living' leather...for no matter How Hard one trys to remove this Book from this world...THIS can not ever be done...proven already in past book burnings. The Bible WILL stand till the end of Time.

People have been and will continue to be brainwashed by the Evil One. Only the Spiritually Strong, strengthened by Faith, Hope, and Charity will Stand in the End.

Deep stuff, aye warlords!?!? hehe..yes very deep...but, don't you see? The Time is now to dive deep into yourselves....for...This is the Age of Questioning...

Since the turn of those 0's on our calendars...predictions have been made of the Ending of All we see, All we do, ALL WE ARE. These predictions were wrong, and I never doubted this! For these false predictions have been stated to be...written so long ago...written in forgotten words..written in the Bible.

A lasting questions plagues me tho. When will the End be? How long is left?

Crazy Gandy..hehe... Hey! What can I say.?? I have nothing left to lose here. I don't fit in..hehe. Loads of fun loving thoughts rolling your way~~~

[This message has been edited by GandalfTheWhite (edited 01-22-2000).]

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posted 01-25-2000 02:46 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Arioch   Click Here to Email Arioch     Edit/Delete Message

The news of Warlords Central shutting down was like a kick in the stomach.

While I haven't been among the most active posters, this place was still like a community for me.

Kman, thanks for all your effort to make this the premiere Warlords site. This site added immensely to my enjoyment of the game. I'm sorry that your religious beliefs are apparently the deciding factor in your quitting.

Playing Warlords -- or other fantasy games -- hasn't changed my Christian views in the slightest. But I would be less than Christian if I did not respect your views. Some even feel that Tolkien's works have too much "evil" in them -- even though he was a devout Catholic, and I consider his writings to be completely Christian in nature. Well, Tolkien isn't Warlords...so I quess I'm off the point.

Back on point: Best wishes to you and your family, always.

And...thanks. Thanks for everything.

-- Arioch

Senior Member

posted 01-25-2000 02:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ShadowKnight   Click Here to Email ShadowKnight     Edit/Delete Message

I believe that the fantasy/evil issue is a "meat sacrificed to idols" issue. In the 1st Century, there was a dispute among both the Jewish and Gentile Christian communities about whether or not it was right to allow the poor to eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols. One group felt that the meat was tainted because of the idols, the other group felt that since the idols had no power, there was no problem with eating the meat. Paul's opinion on the issue was that the idols had no power and that Christians are free in Christ, so there was nothing wrong with eating the meat. However, he also believed that if there was any chance that eating the meat could cause another Christian to stumble or lose faith, it shouldn't be eaten.

Christians have a responsibility to know themselves and to know what will hinder their walk. I am very vulnerable to music, so I try to avoid listening to a lot of the less pure themes out there by focusing on Christian music. I used to have a 1977 Jaguar XJS that I had had restored. I became so obsessed with it that it began to interfere with my spiritual life, so I forced myself to give it up. The irony is, if I had to give it up because I didn't think I could. I don't think that my own spiritual life suffers from strategy games or RPGs; however, if K-man feels that his spiritual walk is hurting because of Warlords, then giving up a part of his life that he obviously loves is one of the bravest things he can do, and I applaud the sacrifice even though I regret his loss.

In Him,

Lord BeeDub

posted 01-27-2000 08:06 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lord BeeDub   Click Here to Email Lord BeeDub     Edit/Delete Message

Katana Man,
This was a great web site, Thank you. I hope when Warlords IV comes into life so will Warlords IV Central.

Lord BeeDub

Katana Man

posted 01-28-2000 04:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Katana Man   Click Here to Email Katana Man     Edit/Delete Message

Won't be long now, I have activated the new web host and tested it completely.

Looks like it will take me a week or 2 to move everything that I want over to the new server, then I'll move webwonderland.com domain name over to the new server. The new server will not have any warlords pages on it.

It's sad I know, but then again, so are most of these new games. Maybe I'll find a good flight sim or racing sim game, and make a sweet page for that instead. Gotta get me a force feedback steering wheel first

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posted 01-28-2000 05:25 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Wooger   Click Here to Email Wooger     Edit/Delete Message

You will be amazed at the prices, Kman... Force feedback has gotten WAY cheap. There are the flight sticks and the steering wheels, and multiple ones to boot!

Good luck on your turn away from strategy games... Although those flight sims are fun to bang for a bit... I ALWAYS come back to my 'wife'... she's the only one who knows what I TRULY need!


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posted 02-04-2000 03:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Beowulf   Click Here to Email Beowulf     Edit/Delete Message

Hello warlords...hopefully some of you remember the days when Beowulf was still around. I was sitting in my apartment today and decided to check on the old warlords community...to see if Gandy was still posting, to see if any of the greats were back, and then I see this! Kman's forum leaving for good?? Is that possible? Warlords 3 was one of my first positive online gaming experiences. Before ROH, I had never played anything but 3d shoot em ups online with some of my friends. Then I arrive in the wonderful, exciting community or WARLORDS. Gandy was one of the first people I met...then there was Blue, Shadowolf, Insight, Mano, and eventually others like Hugh and Clark. There was a great sense of excitement and community. People came and went and I stuck around for almost 2 years. Eventually things changed and I didn't quite have the time I used to, but I still remember the great battles and friends I met. I just want to say thank you...not only to Kman, but to everyone for making warlords a great game to play online. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks.


Dogs of War
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posted 02-04-2000 05:09 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dogs of War   Click Here to Email Dogs of War     Edit/Delete Message

Just one last good bye.

Dogs of War

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