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  Warlords III Central to be shut down. (Page 3)

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Topic:   Warlords III Central to be shut down.

Senior Member

posted 02-04-2000 11:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

Wow! Beo, you just took me down memory lane...hehe. Man, the good ole' days...strange to say that, I remember my parents saying that phrase, and as a kid, I would just laugh at that, now I am saying it...hehe..guess my age is catching up with me..hehe.

I keep trying to put my finger on...'what was so special back then?'..and I can't really hit an exact target. I think it was alot of things...'newness' of just the online mystery trip, WOW! What a blasted trip that was...there was this overwhelming friendliness everywhere...just laughter..crazy silliness...Roz would be so full,..twice as full as Mplayer{easily...Roz was bigger held more names in full frontal view...people would come and go...or stay...or just 'hang', so to speak. You could read volumes of silly antics compared to the few lines on Mplayer...WORDS BIG AS LIFE..hehe. People would be hopping in and out of games ALL night. Game AFTER game AFTER game...giggling as they went...Ah, it was grand, no Beo? hehe.

Then Hazer, and Yigit came along...hehe...AND they spiced it all up...as well as Hugh..hehe..Hugh very active poster..hehe, yes indeed. Rudy's outspokeness, and Noodle's charm sort of salted and peppered the place while Lloyd wore the badge of honor..that may make some of you{Hugh} laugh, but it was true. Lloyd was so fair..couldn't think of anyone fairer, hmm..well, maybe Beo would rank with him..hehe.{not a plug, either Beo..the truth} Then there was Blue, misty, Arrow, Mg9, JohnTheGreat, Dark Red{musn't forget my old bud!!}...and I could go on and on...Taste popped in my mind, but I think, your time Taste, was later on.

It was so crazy bk then. Too much to write about, so I shall stop before I hit my 2000th word.

Then the 'change' of warlord land hit! hehe..and now we are here...and exactly where are we? hehe..

Such a different aptmosphere here now. Cold, uncaring. I am not sure why something like that changes. Will someone please tell me? hehe...na, can't be explained...some things are just that way.

Back then, people didn't hide behind Painted faces.(I think I wrote a post on that..hehe<} People were open and expressive without ripping the inerds out others...hehe.

Then again, maybe it is just my clouded vision.

Thanks for stopping in Beo Good to know you are still alive and well


[This message has been edited by GandalfTheWhite (edited 02-04-2000).]

Senior Member

posted 02-05-2000 11:39 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

bk, bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning..hehe.

Stopped back by, cuz forgot to mention Kman above in my little memory post. Actually, I didn't forget ya, Kman...just didn't mention ya, not that you are less memorable...it is just 'this place', 'your site', sort of kept us all together....Kmans Forum\The Rozen Red Orb = The Unification of Warlords...hehe. Bretts was a great First Stomping Ground, but, it was your site Kman that added a shade of importance to our Warlord Community. You, Kman were like the Meat of a big pot of Warlord Soup!! Yes, indeedie. Throw that Meat into the pot! Throw in the potatoes and veggies now..hehe..that would be me and many other warlords....simmer lightly..taste it now! Hmmm..it is lacking something...hehe..it is tasting bland...hmm...needs just the right 'different' ingredients now to 'pepper it up'..that would be Lloyd, Rudy, and Blue...just a touch of tabassco sauce!! THAT would be Hazer! hehe..to balance that, just a touch of sugar is required...yes,...Noodles added a sweet charm...now..stir it again...hmmm..not quite hot enough! So! TURN THE HEAT UP HIGH!! Add Yigit..and just let the soup BOIL...haha!! Ah...then sit back soak in the aromas....that would be Lord Suspect, Seren, Moonie, and Arch{most quiet Warlords around, yet, you could almost feel their peircing grins}

Anyways..I have rambled on too much about soup and warlords.

What was...was. What is ...is. And now we must just carry on...our traveling bags a bit lighter..almost empty now. What WAS can not be reclaimed, cept in the deep recesses of my mind.

And there are so many of those warlords from the past{which I didn't mention} and some I know now, and even some I will meet in the future{while I remain here}...I shall carry you with me..hehe..like that 'people' song which spins on the radio..."they are the people who get into your head" ..something like that {should right lyrics down..hehe}

enough soft sappy stuff~~ not befitting of being a warlord these days...ONE must be HARD!! ONE must be COLD...ONE must rip up one another. Amidst a Feeding Fenzy!! And so...the Warlord Journey Continues~~~

Maybe Kman's departure isn't just a religious decision...maybe more lies there. I shall miss your presence Kman


Forum Moderator

posted 02-05-2000 03:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Beowulf   Click Here to Email Beowulf     Edit/Delete Message

Gandy, great to hear a response from you. I do think that the old days held a much more friendly experience. I just remember the warm feeling from every warlord on ROZ...the newbies that came in and needed advice...the veterans talking and laughing and battling for hours. Things did change, maybe the game aged, maybe the people changed, or maybe it was even the game itself(ROH-1.00, 1.01, DLR 1.00, 1.01, 1.02...i think anyway, maybe i got some of those versions wrong). The memories of those old days are nothing but great though. Who could've figured that an online game could hold so much value?

My ultimate wish is to gather all of the old-timers in one chat room to talk and discuss what things were, what they are, and what they will be. Gandy, you brought up a bunch of warlords that I have fond memories of, and I would love to see them again. Just thought of some others...odysseus, swampie...so many great people. Well, even if warlords 3 does eventually dwindle to nothingness, I hope to still see some of you around for battlecry(i might give it a shot). I look toward the future.



Senior Member

posted 02-06-2000 05:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

Beo, too many warlords to mention, I left so many out{hope they weren't hurt}...actually, it is hard to draw a line to who were the beginning...to many other lost warlord friends who shortly there after followed...to where we stand now in this little Warlord Community. Lord Octavian soon followed the beginning, as did the warlord women...Lady Maya and Lady Michelle. A few Warlords I regret not mentioning who were the beginning...were Withdraw{who as we can see has done just that 'withdrawn' from warlords}...and then there was Shadowman!! I miss him!! He had this personality that was so unique and nutty...and mustn't forget Shadowwalker...this guy< always played JUST for fun and he LOVED team games..such a good joe.. Actually, there were so many 'shadows somethings'..hehe...too many to recollect. I miss Shock as well, tho he wasn't the beginning. There were just alot of fine people there and I don't ever remembering people 'gossiping' about others and their personal lives as people seem to do now.

The difference in this warlord environment in our time, to NOW, Beo was...there was this positive energy just floating around in our era..hehe...you were just swept up in it...and before long..you were up in the clouds! Surely we battled each other, even maybe bordering on personal bashing in regards to Forum posting...but, STILL...the positive vibes equaled or overtook all that.

Now, Today...this warlord environment, sometimes feels like never ending night...very negative vibes everywhere you turn. I am very sensitive to negativity..and you may all call me crazy again, but this is the truth. Negativity makes me wish to fight to stop it..hehe. Sometimes, in this fight, I tend to even become Negative..hehe.

Actually, Beo...

I have had this calling to disappear from this world of warlords, too..hehe. It is this inner struggle I have been dealing with for months now. But, for some strange reason, I remain. You know...Drac has always told me..."As long as you are having fun. If not, then leave it" Lately, fun in this world, has been reduced to an occasional laugh at Forum posts...and actually, the real only fun left is 'playing warlords'..hehe. Yet, GandalfTheWhite doesn't play Ladder anymore, because...being Gandalf in public view ...JUST TRYING to have Fun Playing....well, became a hardship..hehe. Seems crazy, Beo...to see a handle such as mine which used to burn so brightly like a star...being reduced to nothing more than an eyesore. This has been greatly troubling me. I am not sure what I may need do to fix that. In the future, I may just need to bury the name of Gandalf forever{till someone else steals it..hehe}...for the Gandalf's NAME sake. It is not fair to the NAME of Gandalf, tho he was just a figure of Tolkein's imagination. The Gandalf character has meant a great deal to me, so special...I find I am doing HIS NAME a disgrace by borrowing it. It would be selfish of me to keep it allowing IT to continue to be tarnished as it has been for quite some time now...and I do not think things will get better. Such negativity here. Stifling, and yet I stay. My love for the game of Warlords runs so deep...too deep..so I doubt if I will leave, but thoughts of leaving constantly hang in my mind...maybe it has been too hard to accept all the changes here...TOO many changes..hehe.

I could never leave Warlords, tho leaving these Forums as Gandalf would not be hard at all. I rarely post these days. I am a 'responder only' poster.{for the most part<}... I find I have very little to say{tho look at this post..hehe)..and I find if I do have something to say, I don't wish to share it.

As far as a RALLY of Fallen Troops from the past.? I have already tried that Beo, some time ago. Very few from the past showed up...THANKS Taste{if you still read these posts} for showing up!! I think Noodle showed up at one or two of those trys...I even sent Lloyd a real live letter through the mail..hehe..{not sure if he ever got it}...he didn't tell me last time he checked in here...which was a month or so ago, now he has disappeared again...his fleet has sailed..hehe...but, it was nice to see his sorry butt once again...just to know he is fine and all

If I had even the slightest clue how to contact people{for real this time}...if I had the slightest notion that those people would even show up...I would throw another Gandy Bash{tho..Gandy tends to actually BE BASHED at those these days..hehe}. But, I have given up on that idea. Actually, I have given up on this place altogether...hehe. I do HOPE that the brightest Hour will still come to pass...."the unveiling of War4"...maybe then, the people I grew quite fond of will return...a wizard's wishful thinking

Well, Beo...talked your ear off.

Take care bud! What was Gandalf's oldest saying.?.? *pulling it out of brain*....hehe

Be Good, Be Happy, and ABOVE ALL, Battle ON~~~
{just had to use my elegant sig..this Kman's World..soon to no longer be }

[This message has been edited by GandalfTheWhite (edited 02-06-2000).]


posted 03-09-2000 06:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Phunt   Click Here to Email Phunt     Edit/Delete Message

I can't believe I've been visiting here daily for the last year or so and missed the message about you shutting down. I have been a religious member of the PBEM site for so long now... This saddens me for I think the PBEM'ers have been keeping warlords alive and well. Is there anything Gryffone and I can do to take over some of the PBEM aspects.
Wait let me back up a sec <<< (still in shock) thank you KMAN for giving us PBEM'ers a ladder of our own. And thank you for your time and effort I honestly appreciate it.
But if I can do anything to keep PBEM going let me know for we still have many followers and still growing.

Thanks... Phunt AKA>> Prodigy


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