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Topic:   Warlords III Central to be shut down.

Katana Man

posted 01-07-2000 03:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Katana Man   Click Here to Email Katana Man     Edit/Delete Message

After much thought, it looks like I will be shutting down this Warlords web site. This forum, all 60+ custom cgi scripts, Warlords info pages, player info, tournaments, etc. will be shutting down. This site contains over 4,600 html pages and uses over 70MB of webspace. Probably the only thing that will remain is the ladders located at laddergames.com (PBEM Ladder is the only active ladder anyway.)

Many factors have swayed my decision to shut it down:

#1. Once again, we need to move webwonderland.com to a faster web host, and each time requires alot of work due to the 60+ custom cgi scripts that are used on Warlords III Central.

#2. This site is huge considering most websites only take a few megabytes, this one is over 70MB in size!

#3. Warlords III is starting to lose it's appeal to the players, and activity is dwindling all over. There was a time when ROZ was packed 24 hours a day, tons of ladder games were being played every day, this site was getting 20,000 hits everyday. You can now find Warlords III in the discount bins at computer stores.

#4. I will not support the new game BattleCry since it is becoming like all of the other games you see in computer stores. Walk in to your nearest computer store and look at the games covers. What will you see? Monsters and creatures that resemble the likeness of Satan. Blood, violence, sex, magic, spells, sorcery. Everyday, they get worse and worse. Some examples can be seen here: http://www.warlords3.com/warlordsbattlecry/index.html

Special thanks to all of you fans out there who have made this site great. Thanks to those who have helped to pay for this site by clicking on our banners. Thanks to all for the great games we have shared. Thanks to Steve Fawkner, who has made the Warlord series and moderated the Warlords Forums and helped to answer the questions we had, and listed to our ideas for future improvements.

The time that this site will remain alive is unknown, could be 1 week or many months.

Hope you enjoyed the site.

A.K.A. James

Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 04:32 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for noteye   Click Here to Email noteye     Edit/Delete Message

I really hate to see this happen. I suppose that we all knew that it would happen someday, but since I am relatively new to the game considering the lifespan of the game, I for one was hoping that day would be far off. I have thoroughly enjoyed this site, and it has been a daily visit for me since I bought the game. I wish you well in all your future endeavors Katana, and thanks once again for a great site.



Forum Moderator

posted 01-07-2000 04:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Gryffone   Click Here to Email Gryffone     Edit/Delete Message

James (Katana Man)

Thanks for all you have done for the Warlords community with all your work. I think everyone should be thankful for how much you have put into it all. I understand your decisions. I wish we all had more time and effort to have been able to help out more. I know my effort has not been active as much as it should have been the past couple of months.

Hopefully you might keep some backup in case a revived interest in the game comes along with a Warlords IV. I will talk to you individually on the future of the War3PBEM site and the future of the PBEM Ladder.

Thanks again for all you have done for us James. I know I appreciate it and I do share a lot of your sentiment in the trend in what we are seeing being influenced in our society and I can see how much it really is effecting the psychology of society. I'll leave that alone on this post but know I am seeing what is being done.

Katana Man

posted 01-07-2000 04:39 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Katana Man   Click Here to Email Katana Man     Edit/Delete Message

Your welcome noteye and Gryffone. I hate to see it go too.

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posted 01-07-2000 04:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for DesignGuy   Click Here to Email DesignGuy     Edit/Delete Message

The end of an era!


Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 05:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Gardrak   Click Here to Email Gardrak     Edit/Delete Message

Not sure what to say ...
First ROZ now WebWonderland what next.... Warlords itself ??

Thanks for the many happy hours I spend on your site, James (I think Katana Man died long ago..)

"All kingdoms and castles will come down in time. Nothing lasts forever but the sky." - King Henry III

Da Bear
Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 06:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Da Bear   Click Here to Email Da Bear     Edit/Delete Message

I can't express my feelings in print due to local rules :=) , But I'm very sad about seeing this site going. I wish I I'de been here in earlier days.

Mystic Charm
Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 07:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Mystic Charm   Click Here to Email Mystic Charm     Edit/Delete Message

Well this is where I grew up as far as warlords goes. I didnt post much but read everyday. Thanks for the place to hone my sword Kman.


Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 07:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for MenaX   Click Here to Email MenaX     Edit/Delete Message

Well it had to come some time or other, they all fall at some point.

So the question is - Where will us Warlords contact each other from now? Guess there is Lady Mayas. And I also hate to plug my site but I have a Warlords forum as well. just go to the link below.

All hail the Great Lord Bod

Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 08:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for zorro   Click Here to Email zorro     Edit/Delete Message

ThanX for all Admin, I had a good time here...

Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 09:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Wooger   Click Here to Email Wooger     Edit/Delete Message

Well, it IS unfortunate. As much as we detractors post nasty stuff and try to work around the curse filter, we ARE here posting... I think that spoke volumes. I echo the others... BACK UP YOUR FILES SOMEWHERE... War4 will be out SOMEDAY (maybe) and you just might get a hankering to dust off the old postings and put them up for display! Would be a shame if you wiped them all out in a fit of Christian Rage only to regret it later (especially since that 'whopping' 70Mb of space that it takes up can fit onto a single LS-120 or Zip disc with room to spare). Heaven knows I myself have done a few boneheaded things in the heat of passion that I wish I could do over...

I will miss having another site to visit Kman. Yours was the 1st. Something to be proud of, especially when the creator of the game hangs out here. Very atypical in this day and age of corporate-owned sites.

You did well. It will be missed.


Senior Member

posted 01-07-2000 10:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ThunderGod   Click Here to Email ThunderGod     Edit/Delete Message

I hope I didn't hit a funny bone...but it will be sad not to have webwonderland around to see what kinda trouble you can stir up. I enjoyed getting the "thumpers" panties in a wad. If I have never said it before thank you for your time James and thank you for a unique place to hangout with other Warlords. Best wishes on your journey down the road we call life.

Forum Moderator

posted 01-08-2000 01:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

I don't know what to say. I've been here since Sept '98. That a LONG time. This was the first place I did Heavy posting at. I will miss this place very much. Maya was seriously considering dropping her site for a while too. Is there any way to keep the General Topic Forum up or something?

Forum Moderator

posted 01-08-2000 02:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for SteveFawkner   Click Here to Email SteveFawkner     Edit/Delete Message

From all of us here at SSG...

We'd like to thank KatanMan for the immense amount of work put into this site... keeping it running and dealing with the daily issues that a large gaming website has. It has been an absolute joy for me to visit here every day for the past 2 (or so) years, help out where I could, and join in some good and fruitful discussions.

I also want to thank everyone who has posted here over that time - I've enjoyed meeting and chatting (and occasionally playing Warlords!!) with every single one of you

I'll still be around here moderating until the site closes down - after that, you'll still find me over at Lady Maya's site (or any other Warlords IV or Battlecry sites that start up).

I'll probably see many of you on the field in Battlecry... For those of you who choose not to go the way of "Real-Time-Warrior", I may see you over a game of Warlords IV instead.

Until then...

Cheers to all!!!


Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 05:18 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dragonwizard   Click Here to Email Dragonwizard     Edit/Delete Message

You've been a great warlords player in your time, hate to see the site go, so back it up if it's a finance thing, and ask for an anty to the kitty, till it can be rebuilt again. If it's a time thing pass on the site to a trusted friend that will keep it alive in your name. If your ready to be a warlords player rather that a moderator. Then you know what time it is. The challenge has always been there, for you and me go back a long way, and i know it doesn't matter weither we win or loose, it's how you play the game, with the good sports, being the Warlords Leaders, teaching, mentoring, and this is where that lead you. But please dont let all this effort go on, with out a tag of a high five of a willing friend that can take on the post or hold the fort for a while until your return.


Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 01:06 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Darwin   Click Here to Email Darwin     Edit/Delete Message

"Crisis, Baldrick, crisis!"

Kman, you pityless little devil...

Oh well, I'm sure you have good reasons to want to do this & none of us want to waste their time on things they no longer really enjoy. Still, I feel it would be a real shame if all that is contained on this site would go to waste, so if there is any way you could think of to pass on the site or its contents to someone else who'd care to do it, please give it a try, willya?
Another thought, couldn't we just get rid of all the info pages nobody looks at anymore anyways (they could be passed on to the moderators of the help/newbie forums or could all be zipped together and stored somewhere for eventual newcomers), and just keep the forum? Certainly, quite a few unfrequented subforums could be dropped as well. I'm sure the size of the whole appartus could be reduced considerably without doing too much harm...

Anyways, whatever will happen and whenever it will come about, tons of thanks from me, too for all the work you've put into this & for giving hundreds (thousands?) of people the chance to have a great ole' time here! Good stuff, man.

On a side note, I'm a bit puzzled by your fourth point, but then I don't share your religious feelings. I mean, I don't see how Battlecry & the artwork on the site differ greatly from the previous Warlords games.
War has always meant blood and violence, but the strategic and tactical aspects that it gives rise to are very fascinating - raw existence and naked struggle for survival - and that's why people like me play games that simulate it to some extent.
Fantasy has always meant magic, spells and sorcery with a little bit of sex thrown in, and that's why most of us like it, because it offers a world full of dreams that seem more fulfilling than our present reality.
If your point is that the depiction of sex & violence is becoming more and more graphical and intense, then you may be right, but I can't agree that the Battlecry site holds typical examples for that trend. Far from it.

Still, it may turn out that I won't like Battlecry very much either for different reasons, and I can see why you feel that you don't want to get into supporting it. I'm sure there are other things on Webwonderland that give you more pleasure.

All the best for you and your family


[This message has been edited by Darwin (edited 01-08-2000).]

Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 01:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

This is sad news

Sad indeed...

I am not sure what to say...I mean, I never thought in a million years this would happen..and it has only been a couple years of life for Kman's site.

I wish you all would quit doing this to me..hehe. I mean that sounds selfish, I know. To a degree, I am selfish, aren't we all?

What do I wish you to 'stop' doing to me? Stop drastically changing things here, or the better thing to say...would be...'stop allowing change' to happen.

I shouldn't even be here, of my own accord, but! how can I lie idle now? I mean, I love this place, though I guess it hasn't showed lately.

Kman, I wish you will take more time to think about this latest announcement. You know, there is nothing wrong with changing one's mind...'changing one's mind' is not just a female thingy. Infact! ironic and all, but a 'change' of mind could very well defeat the CHANGE which is at work to sweep away an age of Time...the Time we all share as voices...minds that share Time in Warlord Space...a TIME endangered of ending forever...an Era. Don't end this Era, Kman..please. But I know this decision lies solely in your hands Kman...but, I beg you to think longer about what you are proposing to do. Please.

I guess, at times, it may have appeared that I wished your site to pass away, Kman. But, this has never been a wish of mine. And, I feel parcially responsible for the Passing Away of Kmans...cuz, I guess I have seemed less than supportive over the last year{give or take a month or two}. I may not have always agreed with you, Kman, on how you handled the voices here, but, if the truth be known, I have always marveled over all you have {overall} done to bring all the voices together. This site is a special site, and though at times it has lost its luster becoming a bit tarnished in my eyes...it still is so very special to me{personally}.


When I relive my battles of words here in my mind, especially my battles which were related in your direction, Kman...I regret some things I have said...more than regreting what I said, HOW and WHERE I said them. I wish I would have taken some things behind the curtain...and seeked the great wizard of oz..hehe{a little joke there, though this NEWS does not make me laugh, it rather, makes me feel a deep sadness, and if your NEWS, Kman surely comes to pass, I may shed a tear}

Do you remember how special this place was, Kman...back...back..back in time? I felt this deep unspoken appreciation between you and I....oh! This place was SO grand!


The Disco Warlord Ball crashed to the ground...I felt confused, and troubled, as I saw things spiraling out of control. My legs were shakened, and I found myself chin deep in sparkling glass fragments. An inner struggle erupted with in myself to try to save what could be salvaged, to retain the 'expressiveness' of what was. That struggle inside myself still exists...but, I am too small a force to stop it, as we all know...and I know this too...I am just too small..BUT!! that inner struggle still exists? And I ask myself why? There is nothing I can do, or is there? I mean, Kman, if I can do something to help...please ask me. This place is too special to let go..atleast without a wizard's fight! Even if the battle is already finished.

You know...I mentioned Brett's in an earlier post...about how special that place was...and I too mentioned Maya's Place as well. But! Your place is special too! Each of these places are special in their own right...and actually I could not compare any of these in the same light.

Though Brett's was the First Warlord platform, I have always considered Kman's my father's house. More than likely I always will...and if it passes away...it will be like my father has died. Silly to say...I know..you all think I am nothing more than a ditsy crazy foolish broad..hehe. And maybe to a degree...I am...but, why fight the way I am...I mean, I am good more than I am ever bad...accepting who I am is the only way I see to be...trying to be someone else isn't the way...I believe, when we try to be someone else...not meaning we shouldn't try to be better..yes, we should work on ourselves..but, to try to be someone else will create problems for people..and yes! I just rambled off...now where was I? hehe.

Kman..please think upon what you are doing..please. I know you are seeing the bad of games in general. I too have seen that before, I see it now, and I agree..it will continue on in the future..however, blotting this fact out won't make it go away..infact! Your forum could be the salvation of others...not only meaning salvation in God, but salvation of living in an other wise harsh cruel world. Sometimes we share our cruel thoughts with one another, maybe bash one another, but! what is grand IS, we tend to work things out...and don't you see??!! People who are cruel are learning to, sometimes, be less cruel...and forgiveness is shared here...and HOPE! Hopes and dreams are shared..and I could go on and on...but, you all don't wish me too..hehe.{soon to reach my 2000 word limit..hehe}

My personal mission to leave 'forum posting' hasn't gone well. Infact, I miss this place, and Maya's Place..and I have heard about Menax's Place{good } There are times, my mind will spin...and I wish to reach for my computer keys and share my thoughts..it has been very hard to stay away. So far, my staying of my voice hasn't helped my 'story' I am writing either, cuz my real life is crumbling a bit, since the week after Christmas...so, my mental attentions have been grounded in such a way, that my story can't spin inside my mind..atleast for the past few weeks. I know though, this is a temporary thing, for my story is still there, but I can't allow it to form further from its already formed state...I can't reach the clouds{in other words} at this moment of time, I must stay soundly footed and grounded...I hope you can understand what I am saying...sometimes I dwell in my own little world..hehe. Oh my...I am nuts, no? hehe. In another way of saying, sometimes I may be present physically, but, mentally I am off on a grand adventure. Lately, my own personal adventures of the mind have halted, and instead my mind spins on the troubles at hand and how to reach resolutions of which.

And if I could just stay truly away from the forum boards, maybe my mind would not spin with thoughts of you all and warlord news. And I guess I could actually stay totally away...I could have done that..but, I love this little world we all have created together...and so, I choose to peek at what is going on in the minds of my fellow posters...thus, in a real sense, though I state I leave here, I actually never do leave..thus, brings to mind a song I once posted about long ago here. 'welcome to the hotel California'..only changing California to Kman's...singing it this way.."welcome to the Hotel Katana Mans".

This place you created Kman with the help of the voices is like that song...we can never truly leave...Even Lloyd found his way back!! But, now...if you erase this world..and your site IS like a World in its own shape and form...well, I don't have to paint a picture. If this place Hotel Katana Mans doesn't exist...well...what are we to do? And I know we have other Warlord Forums, but, alas..as I said..each is special in its own right...not to be compared..and I personally will be so hurt if your forum passes away..Kman..despite all that has happened here. This place is special.

Back to some of the troubles in the past...though, I didn't agree with a quick hand to remove this and that..I also feel that some of the posters diliberatly forced that hand. Placing blame here and there..AND I hold my own blame in some of my words..placing blame will serve no positive purpose. What can now be done to stay your hand of execution?..now that is the question which will hang in my mind...a mind so cluttered at the moment..cluttered with good and bad things coming my way.

Once again, Kman, if there be any way I can help you on this decision, please let me know..cuz, I feel the loss of your site a big mistake..but, then again..maybe I am being selfish..cuz this place has meant so much to me in the past...and always has. {though it may not have shown}

Kman, your place is a good place. Maybe posting thoughts is a bit sparse these days..but, as we all know..real life has a way of pulling us away...but, the true reality IS..we always come back...Back to Home...'Back to The Good'{MatchBox 20<} And...

sometimes, I believe people have trouble opening up and being expressive...but, I also believe if enough time passes...that too will change. People can only clam up so long...sometime down the road the Chef which dwells in each of us will take those clams to the boiling pot..hehe.

Oh..this decision is solely yours Kman...but, I had to speak up and try..though it is a weak attempt, I guess. It is hard to imagine your site non~existant...infact, I never ever thought it would ever pass away..hehe..oh my...to think in the future when I bud with craziness, that I could not return to my father's house to release my craziness...it just makes me so sad.

In a warlord sense...this could be in the future: looking for my father's house never to be found again...would be like seeking a hidden ruin which will never be revealed.

Please, Kman...surely this place has given you some joy...and though I know it must be loads of work..please reconsider..please.

Well, I do believe my 2000 word limit has been surpassed...and I wouldn't want the Wordy Wagon to lock me up in a place totally absent of Words..hehe. Words are beautiful, don't you know!? and so is this place!! no matter how many idiotic male statements are made..hehe..no matter how slow the posting may be...this place is grand!

Please, Kman...think about it. Please!? Please, don't steal my sunshine{"Len"..another band and song..hehe<}

P.S. To think my signature will disappear too...man...just too sad to think about.

Warlords, isn't my sig a beauty?

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Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 02:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

and, Kman, if you will not reconsider...and I truly hope you will reconsider this decision of yours...

Please give me some time...

I wish to copy many threads, please. I still need to go out and buy discs...we are out at the moment.


need much time please...

I am very slow on the technical side of computers...I don't naturally retain simple computer proceedures{guess that makes me stupid..hehe..oh well, so be it ...can't be smarter than all you men on everything..HAHA!


while you give me time...maybe a change of mind will come over you, Kman...I surely hope.

Thank you, Kman, for this place you created. It has been more than grand. And if the imaginable happens, I shall never forget this place, nor you Kman...I shall treasure our crossing of paths forever.


I shall never forget how loaded my Christmas Stocking was filled with choices of signatures last Christmas{not this recent past xmas}...oh my! What fun times those were!! And don't you know?! The times ahead can be fun once again.

I am not sure I thanked you enough for those Christmas gifts...gifts which took your personal time to search for and select for me. Thank you so, Kman And..then..as time wore on...you brought me this precious gift...my now standing signature:

my, ain't it beautiful! Actually, so perfectly what I had envisioned in my own mind! How can that be?! I ask myself<<< But! Somehow, Kman accomblished perfection!! And, I don't see how I can thank you enough...but, I shall try..

...thank you!, thank you!, thank you!, etc..etc...THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! and on and on and on..and ON!...~~~~~

Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 06:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Trolloc     Edit/Delete Message

CHRIST WOMAN i saw the name (gandy) and scrolled down but it took too long so i had to use page down to get to the end of that post.

Dogs of War
Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 07:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dogs of War   Click Here to Email Dogs of War     Edit/Delete Message


Shut Up!

Dogs of War

Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 07:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dragonwizard   Click Here to Email Dragonwizard     Edit/Delete Message

Are you going to leave the Library open at least?

Dogs of War
Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 07:46 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dogs of War   Click Here to Email Dogs of War     Edit/Delete Message

Now, that the unpleasantries are out of the way....

Kman, what can I say? This forum has made me new friends, and has promoted a "warlords" community. Whenever I run into a newbie, I always direct them to this site.

I know that postings have been lax here lately, and perhaps it was this announcement that will reawaken the crowd. I also, agree that the games are becoming (or I should say staying) demonic in nature, but warlords has always had that element. More so? perhaps, I havent' seen the new cuts from the warlords battlecry.

This forum has been a place where serious issues have been discussed. A place to find an occasional laugh. But the biggest thing this place has done is to bond friendships. I really hate to see this place pass away.

So, that said, if perchance I don't get the chance to say it later...it has been a blast. What you wrote was good Gandy, let me know when your done with your book and I will proof read it for you. Or, at least critque it...hehe.

I don't think that Lady Maya's is an option however, I talked to her recently and she too is going to drop her site. Hmmmm. what was that other place?

Good hunting warlords...

ps. kman here is a click for you...I've been trying to remember.

Senior Member

posted 01-08-2000 11:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Trolloc     Edit/Delete Message

Dogs of War



Dogs of War
Senior Member

posted 01-09-2000 12:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dogs of War   Click Here to Email Dogs of War     Edit/Delete Message


Preaching? How was I preaching? I read every post from top to bottom. I got to Gandys' and read it all. She poured her heart and soul into her post. Note: I didn't look first, to see how long it was.

Then I get to your post, and it was totally uncalled for.

Grow up! This is a sad day for all warlords.

Dogs of War

p.s. got nothing good to say? Shut up!

Senior Member

posted 01-09-2000 03:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Trolloc     Edit/Delete Message

I don't see why it is a sad day. This forum lived it's life out. Well i appretiate what Kman did for warlords with this site amoung other things, he also was it's (site) downfall in the long run. Then the whole bit about satan in battlecry, please people you need to grow up all of you if u think a little pentagram when the alchemist arrives is bad oh my god.

Senior Member

posted 01-09-2000 05:19 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for ShadowKnight   Click Here to Email ShadowKnight     Edit/Delete Message

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication K-man. You did a phenomenal job, and the site will most definitely be missed.

Senior Member

posted 01-09-2000 09:35 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GandalfTheWhite   Click Here to Email GandalfTheWhite     Edit/Delete Message

Thank you dogs

Trolloc, SHUT UP! Na..just joking. Speak TrollyTrain...'whistle it'

Kman, it is people like Trolloc ...which makes this place worth 'being'.

This place is 'good and bad' because of the people who grace its doorway.

Despite what anyone thinks, GOOD will always prevail in the end. Always.

Trolly puts on a 'bad' show, doesn't he? He can be so cruel sometimes, but! What Trolly doesn't even know himself, yet...is...there is a goodness inside himself...hehe..he just hasn't found it yet.{or maybe he has..hmm..and is afraid to share it?..hmm}

The 'being' of this place is a good thing. We are like a family here sharing our inner selves...learning from one another. Even when we share our bad sides, it is the act of sharing that is good. Alot can be learned from the bad we see, hear, or read.

We are all to blame for the demise of this site. So, Trolly, quit pointing fingers.

Kman's beliefs are so strong, that it has been difficult for Kman to allow the natural course of things to resolve themselves. I understand this. BUT! we too, have crossed the line on purpose far too often to yield a reaction forth which.

I wish we could have all given a little more from both sides. But wishes are like dreams, no? They are just silly.

Kman...please reconsider...please.

Forum Moderator

posted 01-09-2000 10:10 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for whereagles   Click Here to Email whereagles     Edit/Delete Message

Let me also give my regards to Kman, whose efforts in creating and managing this site I praise.

Enjoyed the time I spend here.

C ya,

Seren of Moon
Senior Member

posted 01-09-2000 01:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Seren of Moon   Click Here to Email Seren of Moon     Edit/Delete Message

Thanks Kman for all the hard work. This web site did a lot to help the community grow. I sure had fun writing about the gnoll knife throwing tournament and other litanies of Moonthought.

Thanks also to Steve for his attention to his fans. We're all excited to see the new Warlords titles in the coming months.

Forum Moderator

posted 01-09-2000 04:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

I do agree with Trolloc about his Pentagram comment. From what I saw Battlecry is no worse than War2 or War3. War3 had Demons and Necromancy and other 'Evil' things in it, and War2 had those red Devils in it. Plus, you have to expect some Bloodiness and Darkness in RTS games. I'm not a big RTS fan, but I've played a few RTS games. Even the tamest one featured some blood-letting and stuff.

At least think about Reconsidering. Battlecry and War4 will bring the people back here. If it's too big, you could probably trim the place down a bit. Maybe you could Drop some Forums and Extras and Stuff. Combine all the seperate Gen Topic Forums into one. There are probably other tihngs you can do.

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posted 01-09-2000 04:46 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Koshko     Edit/Delete Message

How much space do our fancy name scripts take? Losing would be a small price to pay if it can keeps the site alive. Plus, couldn't you disable and save these elsewere and bring them back when the place is booming again.

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Actually folks... I HATE to sound like a detractor (again) BUT... it isn't the 70 Mb size of the site... It CAN'T be. I just bought a 27Gb (you read correctly: twenty seven gigabyte) harddrive for just under $250. If he were to put a, say, 10 Gb harddrive on his machine (sub-$100) he would have room for, what, 140 forums of this size. My harddrive could hold 400+ forums of this 'huge' size.

Unless Kman lost his day job or is selling his server off piece by piece to fund a drug habit or something (easy big fella... just a parting shot there... it's called humor noire) I would have to hazard a guess that it is more a personal decision than a business one. For our slower thinkers out there... "HE DON'T WANNA RUN IT NO MORE". From what he has typed before and his (occasionally illogical) responses to prior posts, I would guess that he is having philosophical difficulties within... He is, on one hand, squeaky clean and in the good grace of God... should he smite us this new millenium (Old Testament: beware the Wrath of God) or Grace Us with another 1000 years of amazing things (New Testament: Glory be to God, the ever-merciful)... On the OTHER hand (Irish, I believe) he is hosting a website that actually promotes ELECTRONIC DEPICTIONS OF CARNAGE (or 'Wrath Of God' where I grew up) INCLUDING DEMONS, DEVILS, SATANISTS, POLYGAMISTS, ETC. Well, OK, but you get the point. He is experiencing a conflict of interests. No doubt his loving new wife (why oh why am I ALWAYS picturing Ned and Maude Flanders when I think of these two?!?!) reminded him (occasionally... constantly...???) that although the game is a strategical masterpiece, loads of fun to play, TONS of replayability, and so forth, it nonetheless went against everything their religion stands for.

So, unless Steve and the gang decide to port their baby over to a 'Leftorium-friendly' format (no more demonic horde... henceforth, thou smitely mightly) Kman cannot, in good concience, continue to run this site.

That was the Gandy version. Now the Trolloc version:

Kman can't sleep nights with this on one of HIS harddrives. He's going to trash it. Period. Live with it. *burp*. *fart*. [another swig of Molsons]

I wonder if this even makes it to (cyber-)press???

Once again Kman... Ya NEVER know when it just might come in handy (ask my grandad about a Honus Wagner card he once owned!!!) so I repeat the mantra: "BACK THIS STUFF UP!!!" And then lock it up in a Holy-water filled, blessed, crucifix-covered box (just to play it safe)... and bury THAT in your back yard (or better yet, your neighbor's... let THAT heathen suffer the wrath of God,Old Testament, for harboring the blasphemous 0's and 1's!!!)

Yes. I am occasionally a mean bastard. I like to consider myself a little more objective than most. Or maybe I am a bit delusional. Whatever. At least I am honest about everything I deal with. I never would have started up a site if it conflicted with my views. Which makes me wonder aloud: Did it ALWAYS? Or only just recently? Are you of the opinion that the GAME has changed for the worse (views-wise, not playability) or your views have become... more 'godly'? Will you respond to this? Do you even read these anymore, or have you already bailed and are you now just waiting (a grace period?) to shut this down?

As always, I have NEVER meant to ridicule for the purpose of embarassing anyone... I strive to bring about discussion, often taking on the (what else) 'Devil's Advocate' role. If I seem (and Trolloc as well I would guess) like I am a bit flippant and rough, it is because it brings a response.

It has been put forward that if it weren't for Satan, God would be out of work. I think Trolloc and myself and the rest of us 'Heathens' actually HELPED Kman's site rather than polluting it. We were the pepper (an irritant... you like it on your food becuse of the irritating effect it has) on Kmans mashed potatoes (w/o butter... very BLAND mashed potatoes).

...and maybe Gandy was the Hot Melted Butter...

...and, well, the rest of you can decide if you were the bacon bits or the salt or sour cream...

OK, I have been vamping for MANY minutes now waiting for my 'Gol Dang' AT&T (motto: Bringing you tomorrow toda... ERROR LOADING DRIVER: PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT) cable modem to recover so I could post this. *sigh*

Gonna miss ya Kman.


Katana Man

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Thank you all for the wonderful appreciation and comments. It has been a pleasure to host this site for so long. I have been really happy to be a part of this warlord community for so long.

Now then, for Wooger's sake: You fail to understand the difference between webspace and local hard drive space. You rent web space on professional web servers hosted by companies. They have strong connections to the internet backbone, and have nightly backups and generators when the power goes out. This costs money. I'll break it down for you.

I've hosted the Warlords III Central website for what... almost 3 years now? My 2 web hosts for webwonderland.com and laddergames.com cost $25 per month. Plus start up fees for every time I move to a new host. I moved the sites to different web hosts about 6 times. Not to mention the ODBC databases that are $15 per month to run the ladders. That adds up to a ballpark of $2400. This public forum costs $150 plus $35 per year for upgrades. Voting booth, $200. File library, $100. ASP Ladder script $500. There are others I can't remember, but let's see, what's that come to so far... over $3000.

Now let's add in the time spent. I created or modified 60 custom Perl cgi scripts. Countless hours spent on them. Tons of hours maintaining, transferring, and archiving over 4,600 html pages on Warlords III Central alone. Not to mention running the tournaments, telling people what their passwords were when they forgot them, maintaining the file library, ICQ list, email list, game coordinator, news, hall of fame, statistics, rules, player profiles, help FAQ, fixing broken links, etc... Each time I moved the site to a faster web host, I had to move those 4,600+ files and re-edit each of the 60 cgi scripts by hand to reflect the new web host settings.
BTW, the banner clicks didn't dent the costs involved.

I didn't ask for any money, I did it for the Warlords fans, I did it for the experience. Most of them appreciated it, a few of them could care less. I can tell you I certainly had to bite my tongue when I first read your comments about:


..especially since that 'whopping' 70Mb of space that it takes up can fit onto a single LS-120 or Zip disc with room to spare

*Insert picture of Katana Man trying hard to hold himself back from backhand slapping Wooger upside the head*

However, time spent and the money is not the main issue why I am shutting this site down.

Warlords 1, 2, and 3 certainly had it's share of magic, sorcery, spells, demons, etc. But over the years, I've read more of the Bible and have become a stronger Christian. I can no longer ignore the games that are on the shelves these days. I've been a gamer all my life, and I've noticed that just like everything else in this world, people take what the last person did, and push it one step further. I've been playing computer games for over 18 years. I have seen it get worse and worse. In the last 2 years alone, my subscription to Computer Gaming World sickens me! I'd say 6 out of 7 pages have blood, death, decay, monsters in the form of the Devil, sorcery, sex, violence, spells, witchcraft, etc. Needless to say, I let the subscription run out.

Many people don't see it. But I do. After hours of praying with my wife about what to do with this site, it's best that I shut it down completely. I was considering giving it to another warlord, but that would be like a freshly saved christian giving away his Metallica CD's instead of destroying them.

Many of you will take offense to this post since you are still playing warlords and other games similar or worse. I, myself am working on playing the only clean games left, which seem to be simulators, like racing or flying simulators.

On the other hand, you can say, Katana Man, if you are trying to make an impact for God's sake, then you should continue to stay in the Warlords community. True, christians will always need to mix with the world, and praise the Lord for that too! This world is a much better place with christians in it. For those who think differently, imagine this next scenario:

You're walking home late one night and you are walking down a dark street or ally. You see 3 big guys walking toward you in the distance. It's dark, and you strain to see them. You see something dark in their hands as you walk closer. Your heart is pounding now, and you are considering running in the other direction, but at the last moment, you notice the dark things in their hands were Bibles, and as you walk past, you overhear them talking about the Bible study that they just came from.

Anyways, I prayed about keeping the site up. But God clearly answered my prayers. Even though I hate the thought of all of my web work being flushed down the toilet, I know it's what God wants.

I do not condemn any of you who will continue to play the game. That is not our jobs as christian to point fingers at anyone. I am not perfect, therefore I should not judge or turn my nose up on anyone. All I ask is that over the next few days, months, years, that you step back, zoom out, and take a look at the big picture. I hope one day, that you can all see what's going on too.

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Responce to the ladder and a HUGE i told you so to everyone that visits this site.


I do not disagree with you at all with your reasons for closing this site. I have no problem and the reasons you state are both clear and understandable. I am able to see what me and wooger must look like from the other side of the fence. You have your faith and although i don;t agree with the god part of it I do however agree with the morale and ethical issues christians deal with. Also i would agree that the gamming industry is falling deeper into a cycle of dark more shocking games. However the gamming industry merely reflects the consumer. I would also agree that games like DOOM, Quake push the envelope even too far for me in some ways. However you will still see me playing Duke Nukem. You are doing the only thing you can possiblily do as a consumer to show your disgust by stopping to support the products. BUT warlords has and always will be a realm of wizards and socerey, and those **** water elementals with there bobbing boobs, is not merely as bad? as u would see it.

You were more than a gracious host and i plan on stealing a ton of posts from my ex forum before you close up shop.

I respect your ability to stick to your ethics and morales, but however i hope you do not end up boxing yourself in a small sheltered world. Ignorance is bliss Kman but no one would take pride in being ignorant.

So in a rough clossing Kman i understand clossing the site, i understand your view point, however please don't shut yourself away from the game. YES ban battlecry after all it is an RTS game, but i will expect to see you in war4.

Till then Kman may your bible be your guide not your enslaver.

PS. wooger is a internet ignorant programmer i spit out my "molsons" after reading that part as well.

Dogs of War
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Now that was a well thought out and constructive post. Well done.

And again my thanks to Kman, and all of whom paths I have crossed.

Dogs of War

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"After hours of praying with my wife about what to do with this site, it's best that I shut it down completely. I was considering giving it to another warlord, but that would be like a freshly saved christian giving away his Metallica CD's instead of destroying them."

Nope. Sorry, James, but you've really lost me now. To me, this here is plain fundamentalism - using power (force) to impose your views on others. If there really is a possibility of you passing on this site to someone else that would rid you of the costs & work involved (which are perfectly understandable reasons for you to want to quit), but you prefer to destroy it, then that is a very uncaring thing to do if you ask me.

I don't care what you did to your Metallica CDs, but this albeit dwindled community is still real people and interests, and these are not disposable.

Once more, I wish you well on your road, but pray that there may be a turn towards moderation.


P.S.: Sorry about the e-word - I've improved my wording ...

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Hi KMan,

Not much to say, that's your decision,and I respect it.
I have been using this website; reading the forum (and participating), getting some information when I started, etc...It's been a great site, although as you mentionned, activity slowed down lately

Well, thanks a lot for the time and effort spent for us. I'll keep on clicking on the banner 'til the last day ;-)


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"Moderation" is Wishy-Washy. If someone believes in something then being "politicly correct" is not an option.

It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to go against convention and give up the things that are fun. I for one respect Kman for that. He is at the very least being consistent with his beliefs by laying aside this site.


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Kman, thanks for deeply sharing your views. Your post as well as the others who have posted their replys...that is what makes this place so grand.

It is a shame to see this place disappear as if it never existed...as if none of us ever existed...but, I have to give you credit for making your announcement as well as your explanation...afterall, this place could have just vanished like Brett's did without a word.

You know something, all? Kman is right. The games are getting the way he said...almost more 'evil'..if one was to rap up all that he stated above into a single word. And then, one of you stated..."the games depict the consumer"...and this is so true too. What IS happening to our world and to us{if we let it}..has been described in the Bible. And..the Bible will come to pass. Things will get very ugly before the end of time.

Choices lie before us. Kman has made his, and I can tell he has struggled with it. I have been trying to change his mind, knowing all the while, that I am 'trying for nothing'..cuz, Kman is a very stubborn man..not meaning.."stubborn in a bad way"...he just stands very solid in what he proposes to do...and being foolish as I am...I still tried to change his mind. Sometimes, one can't change, change.

As far as passing this forum on to another..hmm..maybe Kman is afraid of what this forum will become without his guidance.?.?

I still don't have an discs in my hands...I surely hope this place doesn't disappear till I find the time to run to get some. {must copy..must copy}

Not too long ago...Lloyd returned...now..hmm..if this place wouldn't have existed...could he have found us? Or, maybe not. Maybe he would have thought, we had all dispersed and that this warlord community in any sense simply didn't exist anymore. This is very sad. To think, that long and lost warlords ..if they wish to stop back by...won't be able to. So many things have changed. With the loss of Roz, and Now the Loss of Kman's Site...HOW will people find us...those before Maya's Time...those before Menax's Time...Those Before Time...thus..Time Brings Us, then, Takes Us, ...Time is a Thief.

Maybe Warlords 4 will bring those Lost back, maybe not. Oh..who knows?

This is a very sad day, indeed.

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But also the way thing goes...

Thanks for having the opportunity to visit your forum, on good and bad.
"Ha en god fortsättning!" as we say in Sweden.

*moving his ass over to Maya's*

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